3D creation

If only I had more time, more motivation, and more people with motivation to help me, I could do better 3d animations. At least try to do some. Because I like that. Although I don't have any 3d animation background and I'm starting more or less from nothing, I would like, from time to time to animate a few 3d models...

This video is from 2008 I think, when I was playing around with a 3d animation software. This is the only complete animation that I made, and also my first.

Project: "Le grimoire"

Around the time I made the above video, we (some friends and me) started to work on a very (too) ambitious project. Basically, we wanted to create an animated short movie. We wrote the scenario and started to work on the storyboard/animatics. This is when we dropped the project.

I decided to post the animatics I was working on. Remember that an animatic is a very simplified animation of the scene, with simplified models, to have an idea of what will be the real scene. In fact, the animatics that I made were a little bit too complex for this stage. Nevertheless, I had a lot of fun animating those!

Note: The title "Le grimoire" (The magic textbook) comes from a short novel written by a member of the project after we dropped it.

Animatics: Suicide scene

In this scene, Tim Traveleur, our main character, is completely demoralized and wants to commit suicide. As a good-for-nothing kind of person, he is struggling a lot to hang himself. But a student party a couple of floors above will lead to a falling fridge, leading to the discovery of a strange textbook...

Animatics: the future

This is the first scene of "the future". Tim discovered that the strange textbook makes him travel through time. In this scene, he arrives directly from the past and believes that he's back to the present. Unfortunatly, he starts to hear mechanical noises and see a light coming in his direction. He is saved at the last second by a new character, but he drops the textbook...